~ Children and family friendly four star Victoria Palace Hotel in Paris ~

Children Friendly Hotel


Beginning with arrivals from 1 May 2007, children between the ages of 4 and 12 included staying for at least two nights, will receive a special welcome to help them remember their visit to the French capital and bring back a souvenir which they will be able to enjoy over time, as well as use to impress their friends, teachers and grandparents.

A Cornet Surprise (pronounced "cornAY siurprEEZ")
Cornets surprise are large paper cornucopias filled with inexpensive toys and sweets. They traditionally are sold in bakeries and are bought by parents whenever they feel their child has deserved a special treat : good marks in school, especially good behaviour during granny's last visit, recovering from an illness, etc. They come in blue and in pink, because the French are very traditional about some things. Each child will receive one of these. Expect the toys to be broken rather quickly ...

Children's books
In addition to the perishable cornet, each child will be able to choose one of a selection of three children's books as a more lasting souvenir of France. At the moment the selection is made up of two picture books giving the French words for many common items and one large story book written in simple French and suitable for children who may be learning French in school or whose parents speak some French and will be able to read to them. The story (Le Grand Arbre) is about a businessman whose life is changed by his meeting with a very large tree and a tea-sipping old lady. Each book will be inscribed with the child's name and the date on a Victoria Palace ex-libris.
Please note : This welcome amenity is not tied to any particular date, rate, room type or package. It is open-ended and will last until further notice ; it may be discontinued at any time, without warning. The selection of books also may change without warning. No child will be eligible for the Junior Frenchman's Welcome Kit more than once in any 12 month period.

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