Horel Quattro Fontane – Venice Lido

A gracious haven of peace and quiet near the beach
and only a few minutes by Vaporetto from the heart of Venice.


For those who adore Venice but hate the crowds.

Hotel Lido Venezia Quattro Fontane

Set in a large flowered garden, the Hotel Lido Venezia Albergo Quattro Fontane contains charmingly furnished rooms with many antiques providing a relaxed atmosphere. All rooms are air-conditioned.

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Whip Through St Marks Square and Discover the Real Venice

From the very moment one spots the water of the Adriatic Sea from the windows of the comfortable Italian rail train from Florence, as it travels across the causeway joining the mainland of Italy and the islands of Venice, there’s excitement in the air. Only those who have discovered the magic of this, venice-san-marco the oldest and the best canal development in the world can fully appreciate what this city is all about. The perfect place to stay is the hotel Lido Venezia Quattro Fontane which allows you to enjoy both the beach and the cultural delights of Venice just a short vaporetto ride away.

It’s a city which allows the visitor to easily become lost, yet so easy to relocate oneself after the thrill of finding a way out of the maze of footpaths, canals and those hundreds of narrow cracks between buildings which the Venetians actually use as laneways.

St Marks Square – which is only 15 minutes by vaporetto from the Hotel Lido Venezia Quattro Fontane – is of course is the initial drawcard, not only for oneself, but for the several thousand other travellers who have somehow got the urge to visit at the very same time. It can be a little off-putting for first timers – but relax, it doesn’t get any better in the square, however, a few paces in any direction out of the square, and there it is … the real Venice.

It can be an idea to take coffee and cakes, or a meal in one of the back streets of Venice, as venezia-grand-canal┬áthe closer one is to St Mark’s Square, so the prices escalate. Be a devil, though, and be prepared to get ripped off and have a coffee right on the square. One of the popular spots is Florians, where one sits around the walls of supposed intimate tearooms, sipping coffee or tea … and then along comes the bill. Be prepared for it, as it also includes a surcharge for the music from a live Viennese orchestra which plays outside in the square.

As noisy as Venice may be, as busy as the streets are, it is a tremendously exciting place to be. Venice has a special beauty, it is magical, and its shopping opportunities are so enticing.

However you can escape the bustle and congestion of Venice yet still enjoy the sights – and also a beach holiday – by staying nearby at the Hotel Lido Venezia Quattro Fontane which is only 15 minutes by vaporetto from St Marks Square and 5 minutes walk from the splendid Venice Lido beaches.