Château Royal de Saint-Saturnin

Fascinating off-the-beaten-track hotel
within the Parc des Volcans in Auvergne,
the hideaway “par excellence”…


Built during the 13th century by the French noble family “La Tour d’Auvergne”, the Royal Castle of Saint-Saturnin has been classified as a Historical Monument since 1889. It is an imposing medieval fortress embellished during the next two centuries, mainly under the influence of the Renaissance, but still remains a perfect example of military architecture of the Middle Ages, with all the trimmings: including moats, machicolations, ramparts, a tower with battlements and a dungeon in which famous Queen Margot – the first wife of Henri IV – was once briefly kept prisoner.

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This venerable place also belonged to Catherine de Médicis and then to Marguerite de Valois who later gave it to Louis XIIIth. Despite – or perhaps because of – its notorious previous owners, you are sure to enjoy this civilized and amazing medieval experience.

Thanks to Emmanuel and his wife Christine, the present new owners, it has now been properly restored and lovingly refurbished to become a stylish retreat, as Saint-Saturnin is their private home in which they live the whole year. The Penicauds do accept a privileged few and consider these “paying guests” to be friends, providing them every facility or help to make their stay enjoyable, and everyone can be confident of a warm welcome. Table d’hote dinners can be arranged upon prior reservation, chateau-hotel-librarythough they are available only on selected days and during certain periods.

Each of the bedrooms has a distinctive character with antiques or many fine pieces of furniture and prettily decorated (all with four-poster beds). The bathrooms are above reproach and fitted with all modern amenities.

Of all the chateaux-hotels scattered across la Belle France, this ancient fortress, perched on a vantage point commanding a magnificent panorama on the surrounding wooded hills of Auvergne, is the most discreet, the most private and probably among the most enchanting ones.

Peace reigns supreme in an ambience in which everyday reality is transformed into a dream-like rêverie……



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-A Royal Experience-

In France our choice of overnight destinations is often influenced by the fact we can easily stay in wonderful, historic Castles, and this is because French tax-laws allow owners more maintainance deductions if they open a few rooms (up to five) of their properties to tourism.

Here is a castle straight out of “Rapunzel”.

Built as an aristocrat’s fort in the 13th century, it has been carefully and lovingly restored by the new owners, Emmanuel and his wife Christine. Both speak good English, as well as several other languages, and – over a delicious dinner – told us how this castle-fortress once belonged to the De Medicis, and also the King of France, whose bedroom we slept in!!!!

If you are planning to be in the area, don’t miss staying here, and possibly book an in-house dinner!!
Saint-Saturnin added a whole new dimension to our French holiday.

W.G. (from Australia)


Château Royal de Saint-Saturnin Hotel Clermont-Ferrand

To sit on rocks, to muse o’er flood and fell,
To slowly trace the forest’s shady scene,….
….To climb the trackless mountain all unseen,
With the wild flock that never needs a fold;
Alone o’er steeps and foaming falls to lean;
This is not solitude, ’tis but to hold
Converse with Nature’s charms,…..




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